Exact Links Vs Pretty Links | Which is Right for Your Site?

A link management plugin is crucial for affiliate marketers. There are numerous plugins available, but not all of them are the same. This article, Exact Links vs. Pretty Links, is a fair comparison of two plugins to help marketers make data-driven decisions.

Exact Links is one of the best URL shorteners and conversion tracking tools in the industry. While Pretty Links is the most used WordPress plugin that allows URL shortening and conversion tracking, most marketers are familiar with these two terms.

Both plugins allow affiliate marketers like you to quickly locate short URLs for their social marketing campaigns. So if you are looking to use the best URL management plugin for your website, this content makes sense for you.

Why you’ll Use the Links Management Plugin?

Links management and shortening plugins can work wonders for your eCommerce website. A short URL is more actionable and appealing than a longer one. For instance;

  1. https://thesaasstory.com/exactlinks 
  2. https://www.google.com/search?q=exact+links&sca_esv=577595109&ei=nkQ-ZcCXIa_k2roP2O-FwAg&ved=0ahUKEwjA3rCUlpuCAxUvslYBHdh3AYgQ4dUDCBA&uact=5&oq=exact+links&gs_lp=Egxnd3Mtd2l6LXNlcnAiC2V4YWN0IGxpbmtzMgQQABhHMgQQABhHMgQQABhHMgQQABhHMgQQABhHMgQQABhHMgQQABhHMgQQABhHSLgGUJUEWJUEcAB4ApABAJgBAKABAKoBALgBA8gBAPgBAeIDBBgAIEGIBgGQBgg&sclient=gws-wiz-serp 

In the above, you can see what makes a difference. Shortened and well-managed links look better and are more likely to get clicks. They also refer to a sense of validity and reliability, making visitors more engaging to explore.

Using link-management tools can surprise you with the desired output, particularly on the social media platform. Attractive links are crucial to catching your viewers’ attention without using costly space.

You can brand and take your business to the next level with link-managing plugins. Adding your brand name to the URL (like the first example above) will enhance your brand awareness further while making your links fairly reliable.

When it is all about link shortening and management, you’ll have tons of options, both free and paid. However, choosing the best link management tool for your website should be based on your brand, style, and business goals.

Exact Links vs. Pretty Links: Find the Best One

What is Exact Links?

Exact Links is an innovative URL management and shortening software that allows you to make data-focused decisions to boost sales and conversions. It ended up with a cutting-edge URL shortener, Choice Page Box Content, an A/B testing tool, etc., which is vital for every advertising activity.

Key Features of Exact Links

  • Generate short links and track clicks.
  • Create appealing content’ using box templates.
  • It comes with numerous options to select from and use.
  • Improve landing pages with A/B split testing.
  • Track and monitor click analytics and drive results.
  • Universal settings enable better customization.

Exact Links Pricing and Plans

  • Single Site License: $99/Year
  • 5 Site License @ $249/Year
  • 50-Site License: $499/Year

Click here for more details.

What is Pretty Links?

Pretty Links is the most popular and widely used WordPress plugin that lets users do URL shortening inside their WordPress site. It manages to set short URLs faster for your ad campaign on social media and make your affiliate links attractive. This is the easiest and most impactful method to monetize your website.

Key Features of Pretty Links

  • Generate clean, simple URLs on your website.
  • Track and monitor the number of clicks.
  • It allows you to see click details like IP address, remote host, browser, operating system, referring site, etc.
  • Simply exclude IP addresses from the statistics.
  • Updates redirect links to new URLs easily.
  • Option to turn track on/off on each link.

Pretty Links Pricing and Plans

  • Super Affiliate: $199.60/Year
  • Marketer @$149.60/Year
  • Beginner: $99.60/year

Click here for more details.

What to Consider Picking a Link Shortening Tool?

There are several game-changing link-management plugins to use. A few of them are free to use, and ‘okay’ if you’ve only got a few links to the contract. However, if you want to take your business to the next level, a paid plugin makes sense.

When picking link management and shortening plugins, there are some key factors to consider. Below are some of them:


This is the first thing to consider when picking a link-managing tool. See the features it offers that best fit your business goal. Keep in mind that you will not expect the same features from a free plugin as from a paid one.

For example, free link-management plugins usually offer very basic features, which might be good for cutting long URLs. But if you’re on the hunt for a tool that you’ll use daily, consider the must-have features that do the job easily and productively.

Thus, consider the below things;

  • User-friendliness: The link-shortener plugin you are choosing must be easy-to-use and navigate. Don’t go for a plugin that comes with pointless difficulty and slows down your workflow.
  • Link Tracking: Your link-managing tools must have the ability to track and monitor your edited link performance. So that you can measure your click-through rates, know your visitors’ behavior, and scale the success of your ads.
  • Social Media Sharing Option: Make sure your link management tool lets you all-in-one share on several social media sites. It is a vital feature for promoting your business and engaging with your visitors through multiple channels.
  • Automation: Ensure that your link-shortener tool has automation abilities. Make rules and workflows that simplify your link management job, saving you time and effort.
  • Seamless Integration: Make sure the link-shortener plugin you are tending to use is seamlessly link-minded with your website or existing platforms.
  • Extra Campaign Systems: A wide-ranging link management tool should also support many ad approaches beyond link inserts. Consider the features, including product shows, email marketing integrations, QR code creation, etc.


Branded links have a 34% higher click-through rate compared to non-branded links. As a result, they can get more attention and eyes on your brand and business.

You will miss out on a good chance of your brand growing using a free link management plugin. This is because branded links are one kind of your business’s sign, including your brand name or something that signifies your brand’s nature.

Branded links not only make your links impressive but also boost your brand’s gratitude and reliability among your visitors. So every time you share a link, it’s like a small advertising campaign for your brand.

This is the reason why you will go for the link shortener plugin for your businesses, which offers custom branding options. When you cut your long links with branded links, you get an extra bonus, and that is the ability to brand your links for an all-out result.

Regardless of your keyword, your domain name, or anything that signifies your brand and business, a branded links tool allows you to add a special touch to your links. With a custom-branded link, you create a solid and expert brand experience for your visitors.

Remember, the branded links are not only impressive but also rapidly familiar, boosting your brand awareness and trustworthiness.


Similar to other things, the price of a link shortener tool frequently reflects its quality. If you’re a beginner who doesn’t need branding or link tracking and is okay with basic features, a cheaper, even free, link-dealing tool is perfect for you.

However, if you seriously want to improve your links to make more money, the paid option is best for you. So when picking a link shortener plugin, consider that the money you are investing is fully justified by the service you are getting.

Typically, paid services like Exact Links or Pretty Links offer a noteworthy return on investment. With one joined platform, you can make, brand, share, display, redirect, and automate links, making the link management job effortless.

In paid services, the upfront investment may look weighty, but the long-term paybacks make it a clever investment for businesses, and affiliate marketers like those are serious about maximizing their business ROI.

Some Alternatives to Exact Links and Pretty Links


Bitly helps to create clickable links. It allows you to use short, easily detectable links to shape and defend your brand. With the rise in clicks, your brand’s gratitude will go up. Better communication is vital to grabbing more attention.

And the more visitors trust your content, the more chances there are for conversion—it’s a usual phenomenon. Bitly helps improve the click-through rate, which is important for affiliates. It allows you to see who clicked your links and when.


CampaignTrackly allows you to make a unified, steady, and standardized campaign URL tracing route, putting an end to lost or wrong campaign data and hopeless ad decisions. Its great automation and addition features streamline the way of making and handling marketing URLs.

This plugin allows affiliates to take full control of their marketing data while saving huge amounts of time. It offers more than 65 automation types that render it an all-in-one, easy-to-use, and easy-to-navigate tool that reduces tech dependency.


Social is a powerful link platform to manage and shorten links with your domain, create lively QR codes, and generate link landing pages for social media. It is a one-stop solution that lets you generate, handle, share, and track links.

This link-shortening tool is highly focused on your brand’s appearance on social media. The self-hosted WP version fits right on your site and on your server. This full data protection-obedient plugin allows you to use your domain for links and landing pages without any complex settings. You can share links with your followers too.


BL.INK makes link management more than just shortening a URL. This tool allows you to track each engagement, keep your data, and make assurances with every click. It offers you the ability to track exactness and manage every touch of your marketing.

This plugin also gives you data to help you measure your ad performance and value. It even protects links you have already shared. BL.INK improves your social value by giving you further control, flexibility, and care for your data analytics.


WeCanTrack was created in January 2019 by two affiliate marketers who realized the potential of a good link management and shortening tool. Considering that this tool, with its easy integration nature and powerful features, could be a good option to use,

Exact Links Vs Pretty Links Review | Ending Thought

So, that’s almost all on the Exact Links vs. Pretty Links. I hope this unbiased comparison will help you find the best option for your affiliate site. Besides, you can also taste the water from the alternatives that I’ve listed here.

Happy Affiliating!

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