How To Create Awesome Look Affiliate Blog Content With Tracking By Exact Links

  1. Go to the WordPress dashboard and click “Post → Add New”

  1. Give post Title and Introduction texts. 

  1. Then write “/” and you will find the options. Select “Exact Links”

  1. Select your favorite template from the Box Templates

  1. Copy the affiliate URL and Paste the URL on the “Insert Your Target URL” box

  1. Give relevant Tags

  1. Click on the button “Insert Box”

  1. Great! The box content is ready! Now edit the Title, Description, Button Text, Price 

  1. Add media file

  1. Now repeat the whole process for adding more products to your affiliate blog content 

11.Finally, click on “Publish” and BOOM! Your awesome looking affiliate blog content is ready to go! 

For better understanding, watch the video

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