How To Give Multiple Affiliate Offer Option To Your Customer And Track Which Offer Is Most Popular

  1. Click on “Choice Page ” and add Choice page name

  1. Edit your Choice page short URL 

  1. Edit the button text for the Choice page

  1. Add the URL for which you are making the Choice page

  1. Click on the “+” button to add more choices and repeat the same process (Edit button text and add URL)

  1. Now, Add the media file 

  1. Add title to the choice page

  1. Add “Call to Action ” text

  1. Now Add necessary tags

  1. Click on the “Create Choice Page” button to create the choice page

  1. Click on “Pages → Add New” from wordpress

  1. Copy the Shortcode of the choice page 

  1. Paste it on the page or wherever you need. Click on “Publish”

  1. Great! Your choice page is created!

  1. Click on the “Analytics” and find out which of your product is popular from the choice page link

  1. Select the link from here 

  1. Now see the popularity statistics and find out the Total clicks, Unique clicks, Orders, Conversions, Net sales

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