How To Do A/B Testing By Exact Links Plugin For Product [WooCommerce]

  1. To do the A/B testing, let’s duplicate the same product from wordpress woocommerce products 

  1. Change the pricing for the new duplicated product

  1. Publish the product

  1. Now we have the same product with different pricing 

  1. Go to “Exact Links → Create link”

  1. Click on “A/B Split”

  1. Add the URL Name for AB Split

  1. Now paste the 2 links here. (You can add more links by clicking on the “+” icon)

  1. Edit the short URL 

  1. Add necessary tags

  1. Click on “Create A/B Traffic Split URL” button

  1. Copy the A/B split URL and use it on your youtube video description 

  1. To see the Analytics click on “Analytics” and find out the Total clicks, Unique clicks, Orders, Conversions, Net sales

  1. Select the links from here 

  1. See the analytics for you two different links and make your judgment easily!

  1. Here we have come to the conclusion from our A/B testing based on different pricing for same product

For better understanding, watch the video

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